Fic: Experience (1/1)

Title: Experience (1/1)
Rating: NC-17/M/Explicit
Word Count: 4336 words
Summary: Smut Prompt: Jeff/Annie/Evil!Jeff/Evil!Annie Smutty foursome of dub-con by goodking2
Author's note: This is literally, probably the dirtiest thing I've ever written. I'm a little bit proud of it. Sorry if it's not angsty enough though!

The first thing she notices when she wakes up is that her wrists ache. The second is that her own face is staring at her, and it startles her to notice that the double is not only dressed in a skin tight red dress with a bust line that threatens to spill but also smiling with a look that less inviting and more predatory. For what, Annie is a little afraid to find out.

"Looks like the princess woke up, and I didn't even have to kiss her."The mirror version moves forward, fingers dancing across her bonded ankles and up her legs to her knee. Annie's skin jumps in response, breaking out into goosebumps. The touch isn't cold, but it's an odd sensation never the less, to be so intimately touch by her own hands that she isn't controlling. The very idea leaves her spinning.

"What's going on?" She asks, testing the strength of her binds, and finds that she's not going to pull her way out. Both of her wrists and ankles are tied tightly to the iron bed.

"Wellll," Her twin drawls the word out and strokes her fingers higher, "I'm what your gross Abed calls, Evil Annie. From the Darkest Time Line. To be fair, I don't think that's true. I mean, in your time line you're still playing the good girl with a repressed sexuality and haven't left Greendale." The hand stills aright above Annie's chest, and she doesn't know what it says about her that she's shaking, from something more than fear. But Evil Annie removes her touch and crosses her arm. "That just sounds like you're the less experienced Annie."

"Or just the more sane one." She mutters.

Evil Annie leans over and looks down at her, blue eyes dark and dilated, she licks her blood red lips and whispers over her twin, "I am you and you are me, I know all your dirty little secrets, desires and kinks. I know everything from how you take your coffee to how you sound when you cum. And I know that deep down, you're just one good push from becoming me, and that's why we kidnapped you. I'm going to give you that push, Annie."

"Don't you dare touch me." Annie seethes, eyes wide and teeth all but bared; but Evil Annie leans in further to talk directly into her ear, the humid pant of her breath against her ear made her shudder.

"Trust me, sweet heart, by the time we really get this party started, you'll be begging me to do a lot more than touch you." Evil Annie straightens and rests a painted nail on her hip, "Remember, I know what you really want. And more importantly, who." She turns to leave, pausing at the door, "I meant, Jeff by the way."

"Yeah, I figured." She replies coolly, utterly done.

"Just checking." Evil Annie perks up and walks out, closing the door behind her and locking it.

Annie glares up the cracking white ceiling above her. Thinking she was so not ready for whatever Evil Annie was planning.


Jeff is waiting for the group outside the Red Door bar dressed in one of his better suits, switching between texting and playing angry birds, when he feels a shadow being cast over him. Without looking up, he tells them to move along, "Keep moving, dude."

"Now why would I do that, when you're here?" Annie answers, and he looks up in surprise because he didn't think she was coming out tonight (she never answered his text) and because the moment he tears his eyes from the screen he sees what she's wearing. A little red dress that looks like she was poured into, licking into every curve and accentuated her bust. A weaker man would have taken a longer glace.

"You look good." He tries for casual.

She smiles and proudly retorts, "Are you kidding me, I look amazing."

It seems an odd response, but Jeff ignores it. She's right after all.

"Where are the others?"

"Does it matter?" She draws closer like panther with her eyes fixed on her prey, dark with unbidden hunger. It was the type of look he never expected to see in her baby blues and he knew deep down, that this wasn't his Annie at all. This was her.

"Evil Annie." Is all he gets out before his own double rounds on him, pressing a damp napkin to his nose and holding on until he drops, knees weak and struggling to keep awake. Above him, Evil Annie is already leaping into his double's grip and kissing him hard.

"I told you it was fun." She voices, as Evil Jeff's mouth lowers to her cleavage, biting a messy line across each curve. She moans, nails digging into his jacket and rutting against his abs. "Come on tell me, tell me how he struggled against you.." Evil Annie tries to push him into the nearest wall, tripping over the other Jeff in the process, but Evil Jeff lets her down.

"We got to get to our place, before this loser wakes up."

Evil Annie bites her lip and flutters her eyes lashes, trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Stop it, leather isn't fun with an erection." He chastises her, but she doesn't let up."Maybe later I'll let you chloroform me later and you can find out, but for now we've got something else planned don't we?"

Annie's expression vanishes with his suggestion and she bounces, "Yes we do!"

Together they drag Jeff's body into the dark.


An hour or so passes, before they return, the Evil doubles of her and Jeff; who obviously still has the mechanical arm judging by the soft sounds of the whirling fans. He dragged her Jeff into the room with little strain and deposited him into the nearest chair. Evil Annie happily tied him to it, by the wrists and upper chest. Her hands occasionally slipping and caressing said chest. Annie tried not to be jealous, because of the situation, but it was hard to not be when she could see the lust in her own features so clearly.

As it were, she was soon busy struggling against Evil Jeff, as he undid her ropes and manhandled her out of the bed and across the room and into sleeping Jeff's lap.

"Hey! Really?" She frowns, as Evil Annie sets to work on making sure she can't escape either. Overlapping her hands over Jeff's and testing the ropes, she can move but not a lot. Annie flexes her hands and glances up at Evil Jeff, hoping her Disney Princess Eyes would work on him. "What are you guys planning?"

"An intervention." He supplies, "My Annie thinks you need a lesson in...being less repressed."

"Thanks but no thanks, I'm perfectly happy being repress-" She tries to reason,but Evil Annie cuts her off.

"-You're not. I know you're not. You want to stop but you don't know how. You don't know how to stop or who to go with your feelings." Evil Annie stands and looks down at her handy work, "I'm here to help."

She waits for more of their evil plan, but they never explain so she asks, "And what do you get out of it? No offense but helping others doesn't really seem to be your style."

Evil Jeff takes a seat in the opposite chair, across the room, "We're not, but in theory, aren't we just helping ourselves to begin with? Plus, it's sort of our anniversary. I wanted to do something special, you know?"

Annie pulls at her ropes, "This is your idea of a special night?"

"What, that?" He gestures to the ropes and grins, "That's just a bit of a fun."

Evil Annie sighs, "To cut to the chase, we wanna fuck you."

Annie gasps.

"-both of you." Evil Jeff adds.

Annie faints.


A few moments later, she wakes, to the sound of three people yelling. She groans because one of them is very near, the anger of his tone seems to vibrate through her body and it makes her head ache. She rolls into awareness slowly. Evil Jeff and Annie are arguing vehemently with Jeff, who seems to be gearing up for a speech, about consent and she finally remembers the offer.

"I don't care how 'evil' you guys fucking think you are, there is no time line where any version of me or her is okay with having sex against any one's will, not even their own doubles!" He practically roars, "Now you have two seconds to let us go, before I make sure you lose another limb!"

"Two seconds is all I need to convince her, " Evil Annie purrs, slipping to her knees and nudging her way between Annie's leg. She's still out of it, so she doesn't resist right away. "Let me show you, Annie. If you want me to stop, I'll do it, but you have to say it."

"Don't you touch her," Jeff growls out, but his voice is tight as if he's fighting against some unknown torture himself. Annie's still a little confused but all misunderstanding go out the window when she felt a silky warm hand insert itself between her upper thighs and slowly began teasing her sensitive soft skin in an intimate region under her skirt. Annie tried not to lose herself in the sensation, but it was more ten times more difficult when she felt her Jeff stiffen against her backside. Part of her mind was still on the fence, wondering if this was even real, but as the curious hand got bolder, and she felt the urge to say no melt away. Evil Annie was right, she wanted this. She wanted experience. She wanted to stop being so ignorant of pleasure. She wanted to stop being repressed, if only for a moment to know what it was like to not be. And who better to not be repressed with but herself? -with hesitance, Annie spread her legs a little further, allowing Evil Annie's fingers to press against the damp cotton between her legs, moving them in deliberately small circles. Annie gasped and jumped in Jeff's lap, which caused him to do the same. From across the room Evil Jeff joins them. With eyes struggling to stay open, she catches him palming his growing erection. Blue eyes focused on where Evil Annie is kneeling.

Evil Annie innocently raised her eyebrows at her, as if questioning her outburst, all the while letting the outstretched digits sink in deeper.

"Something wrong?" She questions, voice low and husky, eyes fixated on her double's full cleavage, which now heaved from her accelerated breathing. Annie moaned involuntarily, when Evil Annie pushed the barrier away and slipped her fingers into her folds, "I asked you a question, sweet heart."

Annie has trouble answering, voice caught in her throat. "N-No."

"So you're good with this? With us?"Evil Annie slowly curls two fingers in and watches as she buckles against all her bindings and answers with a loud 'yes'. Evil Annie throws an wicked grin to the man behind her, before leaning up and kissing Annie hard on her still quivering lips.

"Good girl, hear that Gross Jeff? Little Annie wants to play with us, how about you big boy?" She kneels back down and bites down on his leg a little. Sucks on the fabric under her lips until it's wet and Jeff answers.

"Yes. Yes. Fine." His answer is more stressed if anything, angry too but it's agreement never the less. Evil Annie grins and undoes their ropes. The moment his hands are free, Jeff's hands gropes her tits, buries his flustered expression in her neck and Annie rocks her hips against his. There are no words, to how good his hands feel or how to explain her decision, it's all she can do to cover his large hands with her own to let him know she's ready for this.

"Good, four pairs of hands are a lot more fun than two." -Annie adds and coaxes Annie's cotton purple panties down to her ankles, and throws them in the direction of her Jeff. He catches them one handed, his other obviously busy. "Coming to join us yet?"

He shakes his head, "I want to watch you a little longer."

Evil Annie shrugged, and continues to work her fingers in and out of her double, who withers and bucks into her hand while simultaneously rocking against Jeff. Annie gives her pleading eyes, begging for more, but Evil Annie knows that look. Perfected it even, and isn't swayed in the slightest to increase her speed.

"You're going to have to do a lot better than giving me the eyes, Edison." Evil Annie mentions, twisting her hand and watching those lashes flutter. "Come on, stop begging and demand me to fuck you harder, I wanna hear perfect little Annie use her words."

Annie gives a full body shudder, "I want more," She bites her lip to not add a please. Evil Annie rewards her with what she asks for, picking up speed. "I want you to -ah-I want you to, to c-curl your fingers. I want to finish." Evil Annie looks over to Evil Jeff, whose lips curled in a seductive, pleased smile.

"Hear that? She wants me to help her finish, should I let her?"

Evil Jeff, widens his own legs, slouching as his own self-pleasure starts to get the best of him. There's something beyond hot watching his Annie finger fuck her double, on the lap of his gross version. He's torn between feeling jealous, proud and overwhelmingly aroused.

"Yeah, do it." He voices, desperately wanting a literal front seat view to it. "Let me see it happen."

Evil Annie licks her lips and does as instructed, curling her fingers and jack hammering Annie's slick heat until the latter's pink lips open up in a silent scream and Evil Annie felt her inner walls clench tightly around her hand.

As Annie rode out her orgasm, she felt Jeff's hands wander along her still shaking body. Pulling down the front of her dress and the straps of her bra to get a better handful. She whimpered and let her head fall back, allowing him to catch her lips in a sinful kiss. Without warning, Evil Annie slipped into her lap and joined them. Alternately ravaging between Jeff and Annie, and moving wantonly against them both. One of Jeff's hands moved to cup her backside and push both Annie's together. They both moaned, echos of the other. With a gentle push, Evil Annie's devilish red dress slipped off her body and dropped to the floor. She wore a nothing but a silk black, see through bra; strained and practically begged to released of it's duty, Annie unsnapped it and allow her ample breasts to spill out into the open. Evil Annie didn't say a word, merely grabbing Annie's hands and placing them on her chest and covering her surprise with her mouth.

Their make out was desperate, hot and wet, and also missing a fourth.

As if mentally calling for him, Evil graces them with his presence. For a moment he stands on the outside, as if not knowing where to place himself, but Jeff slips his hand between both Annie's and spreads her legs once more. The gesture he amplifies by giving his double a look, a wordless invitation to join. Annie rocks herself against Jeff's erection as Evil Jeff lowers himself before her and bites kisses into her thighs, she gasps, and Evil Annie silences her by slipping two fingers into her open mouth.

She sucks the digits greedily, rolling her tongue around the taste of her own juices. Moans around them when Evil Jeff takes her distraction into play, and slowly begins to lick her. Jeff sucks in breath as he feels his Annie respond, just as before she's withering and whimpering, bucking and shaking as his evil double licks harder, forces her leg up over his shoulder and pushes his face deeper until the sounds of him eating her out drive Jeff into lifting his hips desperately under her weight.

He pulls Evil Annie's wet fingers from her mouth and sneaks in his own taste before pushing them down to rub against her own clit as his double sucks and Annie lets out a delicious wail of pleasure, her body jumps and strains against their combined hold. Evil Jeff switches his attention and moments later Evil Annie echoes the wail and shudders into her release, barely able to keep herself up.

"Good girl," Evil Jeff whispers as Annie returns to her senses and for a moment she doesn't know which Annie he's speaking to. She feels boneless and weak in Jeff's arms. "-we're not done yet." His double reminds her. As he leans over them both and kisses Jeff wetly. It's something she's not prepared to view, the strong jaw lines and perfectly shaded stubble pressed against the other. For Jeff's part he takes it willingly, delighting in the taste of Annie on his own mouth, and doesn't hesitate to lick it away from his teeth and tongue. Evil Jeff eventually pulls back and snags Evil Annie in by the hair for a similar display, and the woman moans and shivers. Each vibration going through Annie and Jeff like fire.

Jeff watches them get more heated, strokes Annie's arms, places a kiss on her collar bone and she sighs. Carefully turns her head and gently takes his lips with her own bruised ones. He lowers his head, sucks at her skin above her breast. She grinds down and the next few moments move slowly, she loses her clothes at the men's hands, his pants fall loosely around his ankles.

Both couples eventually move to the bed, but it's a slow process. More interested in exploring the other, Evil Annie and Jeff are the first to break away, and curl against the couple.  Evil Annie drags Annie out of his lap and pushes her onto the bed, climbing over her frame and settling on top of her. They painted a picture that would forever be burned in the back of Jeff's eyes, two naked Annie's pressed against the other, with bruised lips and wild hair.

"Are you boys joining or do you just wanna play with yourself?" Evil Annie catcalls, hand twisting into Annie's hair and pulling so the other girl arches high, and her chest to bounce. Jeff groaned out loud. This was either heaven or hell.

"Maybe I do." Evil Jeff pulls off his own shirt and shucks his pants to the floor, and instantly Jeff is torn between watching the girls and starting at his own body. His mouth goes dry, and fuck, he's the most narcissistic bastard in wanting to touch, but he does it anyways. Pushes himself out of the chair and up against his double. Colliding by the lips and the chests.

Evil Jeff pulled back for only a moment, but then dragged him in by the chin, the pads of his fingers gliding over the stubble and keeping him steady as he ravaged his double's mouth. Jeff pressed himself close, bit down on the others man's lips and drew blood. There was a hint of struggle, each wanting to dominate the other but each moment of over powering was replaced by a fierce mirrored response. Jeff was consumed by how deep the man was taking him, with just a kiss. He ran his hand into the short locks and pulled with both hands until they were forced to stop, letting go with equally wet lips.

"I think you boys should join us now." Evil Annie all but commanded, her tone was warm but in between her words was pure hunger. The Jeff's untangled away from each other and joined them, the girls making room and switching partners.


Annie found herself straddling Evil Jeff's hips with her eyes locked on his face, fearing and desiring his next move in equal amounts. When he brought his lips down to capture her nipple, she moaned in surprise. She pressed her breasts towards him, savoring the scratch of his beard on her soft skin. He switched sides, lavishing his tongue over the rosy bud, nipping and sucking alternately. Still sensitive from before, she nearly mewled when she felt his cock rub against her slit. Her wetness had already visibly spilled down her quivering thighs and, judging by her increasingly loud moans, the exposure to the cooler air from the room seemed to sensitize her even further. Beside them, she watched Evil Annie do the same, but more experienced, in knowing just how to move on top of Jeff.

And this is what Evil Annie wanted to show her, she mused.

She studied for a moment longer before she bent over and kissed Evil Jeff, passionately and roughly. She pulled back from his lips when hers felt raw and hot. She stared down at him, transfixed by how utterly wrecked he looked, but was pulled out of her musings by Jeff's moan, she turned her attention, and found him looking at her. His gaze so heavy and hot, it made her feel vulnerable in a way neither his evil reflection or her's did. She ignored his deep blue gaze on her and stared at her nails dragging down Evil Jeff's chest muscles instead. She ran her fingers and nails all over his torso, enjoying the taunt skin and hard muscles. She felt her sex pulse just at the thought that this was happening at all. That however evil this Jeff might be, it was still Jeff Winger. And he could react like this to her.

She suddenly felt like biting him, to leave a mark to show that this was real. That she could play just as rough as her double. She locked her lips on the meaty muscle connecting his neck and shoulder. He tasted like sweat, whiskey and something undefined. She wasted in no time in biting harder and repeatedly, leaving teeth impressions all over his neck area. Evil Jeff bucked hard under her ministrations, grabbing her hips in a bruising manner to form some sort of messy rhythm.

"God damn, Annie." He hissed. Rolling until she was under him, she was caged in by his arms and he pressed intimately to her sex. She gasped, losing herself in his kiss, that was full of bites and possessive touches.

Evil Annie gave a harsh whimper as she felt the same with Jeff, and in perfect sync with Annie's, and it echoed in the room. The heat between the couples was overwhelming, threatening to burn them all. Beads of sweat gathered across her skin, and Jeff leaned up to lick them all way. She curled around him, grabbing his head pressing it to her chest, desperate for far more than a few licks. She grounded herself against him until she finally stars. Kitten weak she leaned sideways against Evil Jeff and whispered something in his ear. Before either non-evil party knew it, they were pushed and pulled into knew positions. Evil Annie in Evil Jeff's lap and facing Annie in Jeff's. The former was already easing her hips high and lowering herself back onto Evil Jeff's cock, with a satisfied grin. Annie couldn't help the bubble of jealously, of how flawless and easy Evil Annie rolled her hips and bounced like goddess of sex. The competitive monster awoken in her heart, her finger slid over her folds again and collected her wetness from earlier. She could feel her insides rippling as if trying desperately to put him inside her sooner. She used her other hand to gently pumped Jeff. He shuddered under her touch, burying his face in the junction of her neck and shoulder.

Across the ways, Evil Annie was watching, lips parted as every thrust Evil Jeff gave made her gasp. Embolden by the actions before her, Annie positioned him at her entrance and slowly lowered herself. Pushing inch by inch inside, more than once pulling back up, lubricating the joining again. Annie closed her eyes and enjoyed this sensation, Jeff shook around her, struggling to keep himself from wildly bucking upwards. Not when she was still adjusting to his length, it took a moment longer before he was fully inside her. Annie squeezed her abdominal muscles around his length without really trying, and he whispered her name like it was a prayer. It was with that, she found the strength to move on her own, lifting her hips and pushing back on him again. She was slow and deliberate, savoring the feeling of his cock pushing its way inside her over and over again.

She was broken from her concentration when she felt the warm touch of soft hands on her flushed cheeks, she opened her eyes and saw her own face, Evil Annie had bent forward on her knees, and into Annie's arms. Evil Jeff behind her, knuckles turning white as he fucked her.

Each thrust forced her evil double a little more into her chest, until Jeff leaned back and they fell like dirty dominoes. Annie still in Jeff's lap, bouncing hard against the heavy weight of Evil Annie as she was being pleasured. Their thrusts now in time with each other.
Annie felt suffocated in the best of ways, as numerous hands reached out to touch her burning hot skin, she lost track of who was who as her thoughts drowned in pleasure. She felt her muscles ripple from her impending climax, it was coming, rushing towards her like an unstoppable storm. She tried to run towards it, her movements became more frantic as she reached out for Evil Annie and found her; kissed her and lost her hands in her silky, sweat damp hair until her orgasm hit. She stilled, all her limbs wrapped around her and felt Evil Annie do the same, all stiffened and squeezed at once, their bodies as tight as iron. Both Jeff's shuddered underneath and above them, their own climaxes hit and were lost to the feeling of their quivering muscles and constricted insides as they pulsed.

They fall closer. Evil Jeff rolls to take one side and the Annie's curl around the other, and Jeff is the only one with half a mind to break the silence.

"So...that happened.

Evil Jeff answers, "Dude...yeah it did."

They high five each other, and the Annie's roll their eyes.

Moments later they are curled around their significant other, bone-tired and content in ways that they never thought possible.

The End

Fic: Speeches Without Words (1/1)

Title: Speeches Without Words (1/1)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,717
Summary:  In the end, they lost the school to Subway. But surprise of surprises, they didn't lose each other. (J/A and OT7) *Ficcy Friday prompt by Rashaka
Author's note: This might be too soon for some of you still hurting about the show being canceled...I tried to make it happy as I could.

In the end, they don't save Greendale.

They run out of time, and the bad guys win. Sort of.

At least that's what it feels like, when they stand among a clapping crowd as Subway shake hands with Carl.

"I think we've been cancelled." Abed replies, because god forbid they have a moment of silence, Jeff angrily thinks. It feels like something is tearing at his heart, vicious and dark and it's not happy with these events. He's not happy, because it wasn't suppose to be like this. They were suppose to make it, because just like always in the last moment, Greendale does the impossible. As crazy, childish and possibly dangerous to anyone's mental health, Greendale was his home.

He lost two homes now and it leaves him more broken than before.

"Shut up, Abed." He snaps, and then instantly regrets it. He's lashing out, and can't control the anger that drips off his words like acid. Annie notices his mood and tries to help, tries to ease the group with a forced smile and her Disney eyes.

"It's not the end, right? I mean there's a chance, we can do something...right?" She's clearly baiting for someone to speak out, her eyes bounce between Abed and Jeff, and their silence is deafening. "A bake sale? Internet awareness? I have a whole packet for ideas!" Annie's voice gets higher as she gets more desperate, when she notices none of them are reacting.

Jeff doesn't trust himself to tell her to stop, for once cautious with his words. He has no uplifting speech, no wisdom or anything but anger and bitterness. The kind of hurt and rage that put Pierce's father in the grave.

Buzz Hickey steps in, "Give it a rest Edison. You fought the good fight, but it's over. There's nothing left to save. Greendale is gone." -he's about as comforting as a steel wool sweater, and in response Annie's eyes flutter with un-shed tears.

"-but...what are we going to do now?" She whispers, and she looks to Jeff, and if he feels the anger seep out of his veins. Now he feels as helpless as she looks, and it breaks his heart to know she's expecting him to do something...but isn't she always? No matter how many times he fails her. Eventually he caves and speaks.

"We move on, Annie."


It gets easier as time goes by, without Greendale. In the beginning life seemed a little more dull without it, no crazy shenanigans to break up the week. For that period of time the group seemed on the verge of breaking for real, just as the end of their fourth year. They all retreated in, hiding their pain and masking it with fake cheery texts and Facebook statuses. Unwilling to face the reality. They had failed not only Greendale, but to an extent themselves. Or at least that's how it felt.

Darkest Time Line indeed.

-except it didn't stay that way for long, because three months later, Troy came back.

Two weeks after that, using his now immense wealth he and Abed broke into the film industry with the force of a hurricane with T & A Films (they still both giggled at the folks who mistakenly expected porn). They produced, wrote and filmed to their hearts delight, doing exactly what they had always did, having adventures together. Reaching out, one by one they found ways of calling the group back together.
They constantly asked for Shirley to cater their sets until she had enough to do it properly, and branched out with a catering business that was twice the size of Shirley's Sandwiches.

For parties, promotion and awareness for their movies Britta was employed. -in between her night classes at a different local college. To everyone's surprise she continued with her education, still pursuing to become a psychologist. Constantly sneaking her political activist into their commercials and ads whenever she could. She roped Jeff and Annie more than once to help her, and they agreed if only to save her from Britta-ing it up.

Among the rag team set, Abed and Troy brought in local "actors", everyone from Magnitude to Annie's Boobs made it into their works. Special appearance of Chang never planned but were there never the less.

Craig Pelton becomes their costume director...without them even asking.

Most weird of all was them asking Jeff to help them write their scripts.

"Uh, you guys know I'm lawyer again, right?" He gestures around his office. He went back to his old firm and worked himself into a deal. Abed's latest script on top of his unfinished papers.

"A consultant." Abed corrects, "-and I'm asking for you to consult me on how to write for my next movie, lately I've been getting reviews that while my movies are thrilling and action packed, they are lacking...heart." He tilts his head, as if confused by the very notion. "And realism, but while I acknowledge that sometimes I forget it for the bigger picture. Or explosions. I think you could help me, Jeff. You've got a flair for it."

Jeff can feel the start of a headache in the sides of his skull, but he tries to understand.

"Abed, you think I'm a good example of someone with heart?"

"I didn't say that. You have the ability to use words to remind other people that they do."

"I can't tell if that was an insult or a compliment."

"It was neither. "He stands up and heads for the door before trying one last time. "You use to make great speeches, Jeff. The kind that used to inspire us, and I just want to spread that feeling. You might not be a writer, but you've always been a story teller. Through the best and the worst, you got us through it with your speeches."

He leaves and Jeff is left speechless. The irony isn't lost on him.

(The Winger Speeches make it into every movie after that.)


They basically rob the annual movie awards. The group all together and celebrating at the Hawthorne Manor (Troy bought and fixed it up, but kept the name) and it felt like old times.

"Hey Jeff." Annie smiles in his direction and he smiles back, the drink only half responsible for how happy he feels. It's like a weights been lifted, seeing everyone back and better than ever. "So. I saw Rich again."

Jeff's eyebrows reach his hairline. "Oh? What's MD Banana Head doing now?"

"He's visiting South America, he's been asked to help them out in a case study. He asked me to go with him." Her confession isn't drawn out, she lays it out flatly. It's been no secret that her semi-secret on and off again relationship with Rich pissed him off. It was only kept a secret because they worked together, Rich offering to help her get a job where he worked, and her taking it because at the time, she had no other options. When the other members of the Greendale Seven turned in on themselves, Annie found Rich and it's been two years and he's still not over feeling slightly betrayed. He doesn't know why, when in all reason it's his fault. He was the one who denied them even the chance of starting something...

"Whats with men always trying to steal you away?" He tries to joke, but ends up admitting more than he'd like.

"I'm not an actual Disney Princess, Jeff. No one's stealing me for forever."

"You're eyes say otherwise." -he's drunk. That's his defense and he's sticking to it. That's the only reason that utterly sappy thing springs from his lips. He tries to cover it up with a question. "So you're going?"

"I thought about it," Annie replies honestly, "-it's a once in a life time chance. And we might have broken up but...Rich is a great guy, he'd take care of me. "


"But maybe I'm just looking for someone to tell me all the reasons I shouldn't."

He almost drops his drink, "Annie-"

"Don't," she commands. Her voice controlled and steady as she explains, "Don't say you don't know what I'm talking about or that you don't feel the same, because we both know that's a lie, and I'm not...some little girl, Jeff. I know how you look at me when you think I don't notice, just being perfect.I know that you hate Rich for more than  We've circle each other enough. This is your last chance, Jeff to tell me. When we lost Greendale, you told me that when we lose we move on. If you have nothing to say, even after everything, then...I understand." She bites her lip and looks up at him, "-but I wanted you to know. That's all."

"I can't tell you how to live, Annie." His voice breaks a little, "You've got to stop expecting me to come and save everyone, or that my words have any sway. " You've got to stop believing in me, goes unsaid.

"I'm not asking you to save me Jeff, I'm asking you to remind me. What I want to stay here for." Annie steps forward and curls her fingers around his shirt, and he automatically leans into her touch, "-and you don't need words to do that."

He knows all the reasons he should let her go, let her move on with her life, but at his core Jeff is selfish man. He's tired of losing things he cares about, he's tired of losing her.

Jeff dips down, one arm coming up around her waist, pulling her to him and the other resting at the side of her face; his thumb stroking across her cheek as his fingers curled into her hair. He kissed her like he had done all those years ago after the dance, desperate and intense, not letting her go until they were both struggling to breath. She clung hard, practically climbing his frame to pull him down into another, equally burning kiss.

"Does that help you remember?" He pants, their breath mingling as he kisses her over and over. She grins and wraps her arms around his neck.

"I think so, better do it a few more times just to be sure."

"I've got time for that?"

"You've got the rest of our lives."
The End

Just in case you're confused, Troy and Abed used the first initials for the company and it's also just happens that "T & A" stands for Tits and Ass on the internet, so basically a lot of people stumble on their movies expecting something completely different -but get drawn in all the same. :)

Fic: There's A Starman Waiting (1/1)

Title: There's A Starman Waiting
Summary: Meteor Prompt by goodkin2,  "A meteor is about to crash on earth, ending all civilization. Because he has nothing else to lose, Jeff confess his feelings for Annie, begging her to forgive him and be together with him in their final moments."/ I actually created a small playlist for this because I'm super lame.
Rating/Warnings: R {Smut/sexual situations}
Word Count: 3,089
Disclaimer: I do not own Community.

There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds
There's a starman waiting in the sky
He's told us not to blow it
Cause he knows it's all worthwhile. -David Bowie, Starman


To preface, he would like to point out that for future reference he should have known better than to believe someone who graduated top of his class at Greendale's Meteorology course actually knew what they were doing. In retrospect, his bad.

But can you really blame him for getting caught up in Greendale's crazy(don't answer that, it was rhetorical)? It was more catching than a cold or herpes. It was practically in the air.

(Okay yes, one time it literally was. Gas leaks are a serious thing, kids.)

The whole thing starts normal enough, Abed complains about them for not having a End Of It All arc. Says that as far as season finales go, it's their trademark. Paintball, Paintball Remix. The Action Movie styles of fighting Chang's Dynasty. He goes on to say no one wants to remember their fourth season -but Jeff stopped listening, because deep down he knows whats going to happen.

He knows that the universe is already on the fast track of making Abed's horrible wishes come true like it always does, like some weird uncle's belated birthday gift that's always late because he forgets but shows up never the less two days later. Sometimes, just sometimes Jeff wonders if Abed is a witch or warlock, maybe some alien like the Great Gazoo. Sent to make their life as wacky and impossible as he can in twenty-four minutes or less.

80's sitcom style, two seconds later, Gene Starman (-and yes, he legally changed it to that.) comes in, his halfhearted ode to David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust red mullet plastered to his forehead; he screams about space, numbers that aren't real numbers and that Ziggy's here to take them away. Abed and Annie are there to help him up when he collapses over the table. Jeff doesn't because last time he touched Professor Starman, he got glitter on his skin for a week.

"T-There's a meteor! Coming this way!" He pants out, grabbing Abed by the lapels of his jacket and holding on for dear life. "It's just like just like the song! Five years!" He grins madly.

"...We have five years before the meteor hits?" Annie tries to make sense of the maddens, and bless her for trying.

Gene stands a little straighter, "Uh, well no. More like five or six hours? I don't know precisely, okay, space is like, really complicated. Plus I really like that album."

"Yeah we can tell," she mentions under her breath. "-but sir you have to at least double check your findings before you start shouting that, no matter how close it might resemble song lyrics it doesn't make it true. You could start a real panic."

The moment the word panic leaves her lips, there's an earth shattering herd of screams as people run past their study room windows. Yelling at the top of their lungs about the end of the world, meteors and of course Greendale's favorite activity; rioting.

"Uh. About that..." Starman guiltily starts before confessing, "I might have put it on Twitter."

+ + + +

In usual fashion, four hours later the campus has completely fallen into shared madness. Splitting into two fractions, the believers that the Meteor is actually a space ship that will save them all (lead by Starman and his cousin, Starburns.) and the non-believers. Which is weirdly lead by Shirley and Buzz Hickey, who are combining their business and military tact together to form a band of student soldiers who are digging a bomb shelter in the campus court yard.

Abed and Troy are off trying to build a machine that will destroy the meteor into dust before it hits the earth surface. They use Britta as their Space Monkey, piloting the craft. Promising to let her final words to be, "One small step for women, one giant leap for equally repressed gender-neutral kind."

Meanwhile, Jeff sits it out because he's got papers to sign and he knows tomorrow this will settle down...that and Shirley's group kicked him for trying to take over. Admittedly he doesn't play nice with other's who won't let him run the show. It's a flaw, but he's man enough to admit it, and allow Shirley to take the crown this time without much whining. (He means that figuratively, as if there were a crown to have, you bet your sweet ass he'd be fighting for it)

"You sitting this natural disaster out?" Annie's voice draws him out, she's standing by the door, and she steals air from his lungs. She's wearing a little white silk kimono dress and matching flats. Longer than the original one Bowie wore by leaps and bounds, but she's not wearing tights and he hates to admit the reaction that causes.

"I got kicked out." He admits, finding his voice and with it the reason to tear his eyes away from her bare legs. She smiles, and he sees that maybe she was wearing heavy make up earlier. It's mostly gone now, except for the smudge of eyeliner. Her lips are a little more red than usual. "You?"

"Uh, well I misquoted Labyrinth."

Jeff laughs, "You heathen."

"I know. I mean I liked it, but I also haven't seen it since I was like, eleven." She comes a little closer, and he tightens his grip on the pen he had been using. Scared that if he lets go he'll reach out and touch the silk of her dress. He muses that it looks soft...and wonders if she's as soft-

He pushes that thought right off a cliff. Where it joins the other inappropriate thoughts he has of Annie Edison.

"Long story short I got kicked out too."

"You could join Abed and Troy." He points out, going back to his papers. But it's harder to concentrate more than ever, with her so close he can smell her sweet perfume. It makes him think of burnt sugar and summer. Ugh. He needs to stop.

"I was...but," he looks up, because there is fear tainted around her words, it pulls at something in his gut. He hates it, this amount of control she has on him, but reacts just the same.

"But what?"

"I'm getting kind of worried, Jeff. I mean, haven't you noticed the sky?"

-and he hadn't. He's kept the blinds closed all day. She walks over and pulls them open and suddenly her fear becomes his own. The sky is an angry hue of dark orange and pinks, bright and unnatural so late in the afternoon. The clouds seem to darkening too, swirling to make room for something, a dramatic entrance for a celebrity guest that has yet to appear.

Like the meteor that will destroy them and everything they love, perhaps.

" don't think..?"

"I looked it up, Jeff. There is a real meteor. It's not just something Professor Starman made up. He might be crazy, but even he can't control the weather. No one has said it's going to end the world, of course, but the science community as a whole seems worried. And I'm worried Jeff. It looks like Greendale might be hit the hardest. Maybe instead of playing end of the world, we should be evacuating everyone out of the city before it's too late."

He can't argue, doesn't have a rebuttal because she's right. But she's also wrong because there's no time. It's already too late. They have maybe an hour, two if fate has a sense of humor to get everyone out. They wouldn't make it to the freeway in that time. More so if everyone in the area has come to the same conclusion. Whose to say the roads aren't already backed up and blocked? While they've been here playing intergalactic rock star alien messiahs and building an underground fort of desks and chairs, the real world is struggling to really survive.

A cold sensation travels up his spin and digs into his heart. If these really are the last two hours of his life, did he really want to spend them grading papers? The obvious answer to that was a big fat, fuck no.

He'd rather be drinking scotch. Maybe in one of his suits he rarely wears, seated in the drivers seat of his car, listening to his favorite Dave song. Maybe enjoying a slice of greasy pizza or a whole cake. Extra sprinkles because fuck you that's why.

Yeah, that's a far better ending for him.

-but the universe, which has always been against him, decides to pull the ultimate dick-move to ruin that dream by making it start to hail. The orange sky turns blood red and holy fuck. This is real. This is fucking real.

"I always knew Greendale was going to be the death of me, I'd just always figure it would be more an accident that you guys would be the source of." He laughs, and Annie juts her elbow into his side.


"Sorry," He comes to stand by her, and looks down into her blue eyes that are tainted in the red glare of their fallen sky. "-and if this really is the end, um. I'm sorry. For everything. For the "Annie of it all"." He tries awkwardly to explain. She parts her lips, and then bows her head to stare at her feet. No doubt hiding the hurting that is gathering in her heart, he knows because it's the look that haunts him every time he says that stupid, meaningless phase.

"It's fine." She bites out.

"I'm sorry for lying about it, Annie. I'm sorry that I was a such a fucking coward because...because I do want you Annie Edison, and I'm sorry that I hated myself for wanting you or thinking that I shouldn't, because even at my lowest...I still do." His confession isn't perfect, it's swimming in self-hatred and old insecurities, but he's not exactly had time to fix it up with pretty words or quotes that have been fixed to make her swoon. "I always have. And you were right. A lot of times. I just hate being wrong...and I didn't think you had done enough wrong in your life to deserve getting stuck with my fucked up heart. I didn't want to lose you when it all fell apart, like it always does. Like it would have. I never acknowledged our moments because admitting made it real, made my feelings real, and we both know reality and Greendale don't go together."

She glances at the sky, "I'd say reality isn't really giving Greendale an option any more."


"What do you want me to say, Jeff? No offense, but I've been trying for years to get you to admit that, and you pick now?" She's got her hands on her hips, and whether or not she means to, her kimono shifts enough to give him a perfect view of her chest. "-and stop looking down this stupid dress!" She pushes him away a little, fuming. "I forgave you a long time ago, because I just assumed you'd never even you really think the last things I want to hear are about how you're sorry for liking me?"


"No." She grins and in the red light of the world possibly ending, gives him the sweetest kiss since their second year, wraps her arms around his shoulders and drags him closer. He goes willingly, until his neck aches and his lungs burn. He rushes to catch her lips when they struggle for air, hands cupping her cheeks and keeping her in place as he ravishes her. Licks into her hot mouth, chases her taste and wraps his tongue around it. The sweetness of their kiss lasts two seconds before evolving into something hotter, darker and altogether more desperate. He hauls her up his frame, his hands grip into the soft silk of her dress and slide down until he's holding on to her hips like she's his salvation. Annie moans, bites his lower lip and claws at his shirt, wrapping her legs around his waist and squeezing to keep her place.

"Jeff, please." -his hands shake briefly at her sigh of pleasure, because he's only ever imagined it, and it's on a whole another level to hear it whispered in his ear. It echos into his veins, boils his blood. Each little plea she gives is a tease that's quickly ruining him in the best of ways.

He drops her on his desk, and he's had too many fantasies like this. Where she'd be wearing a shorter skirt, maybe thigh highs and a dirty grin. There is something to be said for the feeling of her bare skin, soft as her silk dress, and the warm smile, that he knows is all for him. Just as it always is.

She drags him in by his hair into another kiss, her other hand all but ripping at the buttons of his shirt. Tiny, warm hand scratching at the skin she frees. He can feel her smile widen when his breath hitches as her nails graze across his nipple. He tries to get back at her, sweeps his hands upwards, undoes her knot holding her dress together and fills his hands with the softest parts of her body. Part of him is quiet happily ready to die a happy man right there.

The heat between them intensifies, the build has been on slow for years and now it's been turned on high, there is no stopping this fire.

Possessively he sprawls his hand against her thighs. Annie surprises him further by spreading her legs further, arching her hips against his front. Completely and utterly in control, rocking against his erection with intent. She's not some blushing virgin, he has to remember.

While he's trying to do that, she's unzipping his jeans and sneaking her hand around him like some sort of hand-job ninja. He has to brace his arms on either side of her, so he doesn't fall over. His lungs forgetting how to function as she works him, twisting her hand inside to get a better grip.

"Fuck, Edison...Trying to kill me?" Words are difficult to get out, he's losing himself in the steady rhythm she's set.

"You can handle it, Winger." -and cruelly speeds up. She's always had more faith in him than she should. Jeff pulls her hand off his dick, covers her complaint with his lips and concentrates on sneaking his clever fingers between her legs and curling them into her heat. In half a second, she forgets her earlier mission and is busy canting her hips against his hand, fighting to ease her frustration as he keeps her on edge, building the pleasure up and removing his fingers completely; she does what she can to get back at him for it, bites his lower lip harshly, carves her need into his skin and kitten licks the sweat forming across his chest in apology.

"Jeffery, please." Annie whimpers, settling for pulling on his hair, and aiming her deadly Disney Eyes. He kisses her cheek, and grins. Those eyes won't work here, not when he's got her flustered and wet, literally in the palm of his hands. "Jeff!" She growls this time, when he presses a thumb against her, too gently for her liking.

"What was that earlier about handling it?"

"I hate you!"

His grin widens, and he leans in to kiss her again, removing his hands and pushing forward with his own hips, rubbing against her entrance, stealing a moment to breath before they went any further. He looked down at her, trying to memorize the way she looked under him, forever.

"No, you don't." And the admittance comes out a lot softer, a lot heavier with intent than he can help.

"I know..." She response just the same, eyes shining with that emotion he's not yet capable of truly saying out loud. Not even with the end of the world nigh. He's still Jeff Winger, and she's still Annie Edison, and they don't need to say it out loud because she already just took him the end of the world to admit it.

Annie curls her body around his as he buries himself into her, hands gripped on her hips in a way that would be sure to leave buries. Imprints of his fingers and marks of his nails that would a set of the ones she would leave on his biceps. Every thrust leaves them both wrecked, she molds her body to his and he bites every sorry he's never said into whatever skin he can reach. All those moments he owes to her that he can no longer repay. He can tell there are words unsaid on her lips, she parts them, struggles to find her voice, but can't seem to convey them in between the half seconds he allows before he switches the angle of hips or the location of his lips. Eventually she wins, as she always does, pressing a shaking hand to her clit and rubbing furiously, right along the line of pain and pleasure; until she shatters. Breaking apart, tightening and dragging him along for the ride. His hips stuttering to pace of her climax, his own triggered before he can curb it. He loses his himself for half a second, falling forward on top of her, face buries into her shoulder and nose deep in her hair.

"Annie, fuck. I think you did. I think you literally killed me."

She laughs and pats his sweat soaked back. He leans up over her, ready to kiss her silent but before he can, the whole world shakes violently. They go flying off each other and the desk, and outside the red glare turns black. His heart stops, thinking this is it, but then something even more surprising happens.

The world doesn't end.

The shaking stops, and the sky fades into the regular night sky, stars and all.

The only odd thing is that it's summer.


"I guess Abed and Troy got their machine working?" Is all Annie can theorized, and he snaps his focus back to her. Expecting to feel guilt or fear, expects his feet to already be leading him away from her and yet...there's no such feeling. Well, there is one...

Jeff pulls her into his lap, reveling in the way her curves feel against him.

"Let's just pretend for a little longer they didn't..."

She agrees with a pleased hum.


In the end...the world didn't end. It never was, for all the hype and crazed religion promises, the meteor was never really endangering anyone. It being burned up and broken by the Earth's atmosphere, and well, the few larger pieces that could be damage worthy were all aimed at City College so no one really cared and most considered it karma anyways.

The End.

Fic: Just Hold On, We're Going Home. (1/1)

So, wow, it's been forever since I've written anything for Community. But by chance I got a link to Milord/Milday and saw the prompt. I'll preface this with saying this turned out darker than expected, but hopefully there's enough humor and sweetness to keep it from being too depressing. It was a Ficcy prompt given by joey13303 - "It's A Wonderful Life- what would things be like if Jeff had never created the study group." -It's a little more of a mix of that and the Scrooge tale, but I tried to fit the format for Community. Hope you like it!

Ratings: PG-13 (for language)

Word Count: 3,385

Disclaimer: I don't own Community.

Summary: It's a Wonderful Life, Community Remix. Jeff contemplates leaving, and gets a visitor.

"You have got to be kidding me." Jeff is half asleep, wearing only a pair of holiday boxers (little red nosed reindeer and all) but his sarcasm knows no hour, seeping into his disbelief just the same. "I did not drink enough to be dreaming of you."

Pierce -or rather the ghost of?- smiles (and oh fuck, Jeff was not prepared for the twisting feeling in his gut at the reminder. He hadn't seen that reaction in a long time and he hated it...but he also missed it) and laughs. "Oh don't pretend with me, Gaylord. We all know your fantasies involve different older, less successful men than me. After all, I'm out of your league and we both know it."

"-and yet, here we are in my dreams, and the only dick I see is wearing a fake halo and jeans. Did hell kick you out or did they just lose you in the paper work?" He rises from his bed, and walks out into the living room, the ghost or whatever follows.

Pierce touches the glowing halo above him, "It's as real as your erection watching Queer as Folk, Winger."

"Jokes on you, I can't afford Showtime on a teacher's salary...and wow, that comeback was a little less depressing in my head." He sighs and walks over to his kitchen and starts to pour himself a glass of scotch. Not the kind Pierce got him, that would be weird considering his company. The ghost or whatever, waits until he finishes and is back in his bedroom. Standing over the few frames he owns, and it's in this awkward silence that Jeff wants to ask but won't. Like, is this real. Are you? And if so,...are you okay? -but step one of any wild dream is not to give in, don't allow it to become something that can hurt you later on. Eventually the silence grows and he has to break it or risk breaking himself. "What are you doing here...why are you here, Pierce?"

The older man doesn't answer, picks up a frame, one of the pictures of their study group. "You've been thinking of leaving again, haven't you."

The accusation jars him, leaves a cold sensation running along his veins and ending at his heart. Yes. He had been thinking about it. More and more...even after the stint in the hospital and the trippy 80's cartoon dream. He loves his friends, but there might be truth in his fears.

That his love of them is holding him back. He isn't where he wants to be. He's a fucking teacher, he's half broke and on the wrong side of thirty (read: Early forties) with nothing to show for it. He's still got a few options. Pierces's half brother offered his help, as corporations like that were always fighting legal battles. It would take him out of state, and at the time he said no...but now he wonders, what if. What if he took it and left.

It's not like the group isn't already a little bit broken. One in the ground, another across the world. Shirley plays part time mother and business owner, none of which leaves her a great deal of time to pretend she's got anything but seconds to spare. Abed's concentrating on a life without Troy, and sometimes that means losing himself in tv show marathons with new people...sometimes it means shutting the world out completely and staring at his ceiling. Britta and Annie...he wants to say nothing has changed. But Britta is becoming someone new, who takes her studies seriously, who spends less time worrying about orphans with clefts, and more on how she can help herself. Not in the selfish way, but in the way that makes sure she will one day have medical insurance herself, a place to live and the ability to do more than give to charity only when she's walking with someone...And Annie...she's Annie.

"There's...not much to leave, Pierce. We're friends. But I'm a teacher now, and it's less a study group and more a...collection of Greendale prisoners. The craziness is still there, obviously, but it's sort of clear now that we're all going our separate ways. Willingly...or not." He takes a sip of scotch and with it, the exit of conversation. There's no easy way of saying you're dead, dead, soooo totally dead and that is why he's thinking of leaving, because he's oldest one now next to Shirley. But compared to her life, her family and business, there's a lot less he's gotten out of this whole college experience. He tries not to be bitter, but death is a powerful thing, and it leaves him staggered. He's losing time, he's losing chances, and fuck, he doesn't want to blame anyone, he just wants...more.

Even if he doesn't know what that is.

Pierce puts the frame down and looks at him, "Whether you believe me or not, Jeffery, I'm here to help you."

"Uh, excuse me while I decide to not believe you."

"Does it help to know that I'm doing it partly for selfish reasons?"

Jeff smiles, "A bit."

"Look, I'm tired of all those pansy bitches flying above me. It seems like they don't count my Laser Lotus after life points and I want to move up in the ladder so to speak, and to do that, I need your miserable vaguely looking European ass to do so."

"Wow. Do they allow people as racist as you in or was it a special charity case to show God does love everyone, even the racist old fools?"

"I want wings, Winger. And I'm going to get them. All you have to do is be slightly less sad by the end of this adventure and everyone wins."

"I don't see-"

"-you've been thinking about life without Greendale." Pierce states, and the continues, "You've been thinking that some how, if you had never been caught, or even if you had, your life might just be a tad better than it is now. I'm here to tell you it wouldn't. "

Part of him is angry, because he's never said it out loud. He's never...really thought about. Except in the private moments of his own mind, and some how, this...being saying it out in the open, even in a dream seems like a betrayal.

"No, I haven't." He lies.


"Yeah, well your face is a lie and I'm going back to bed." He snaps, slamming his glass down and doing just as he said, rolling his body tightly into his sheets like a cocoon. He will simply shut his eyes and forget this all happened. He will wake up and it will be a new, less crazy day.
"I would put on pants if I were you Winger."

"I can't hear you, figment of my imagination."

"Well, don't say I didn't warn you."

-and suddenly he's not in his bed. He's standing in his old office, starting at himself. It's weird to say the least. His other self doesn't notice, busy signing something. His suit looks expensive and god, he misses those days when he could wear suits. There's a curl of grey here and there at his temples, a bit darker rings under his eyes, but nothing to suggest this Jeff is any more unhappy or less stressed.

"If this is suppose to show me how good I've got it, you've failed already. I mean, Jesus, look at what he's wearing."

"Shut it Queer Eye, and watch."

And he does. He watches his other self work, quietly and undisturbed. Follows as he leaves work, and gets into a very expensive car (he complains again, that this is helping) and drives to a bar where, surprise, Alan is waiting. He watches himself drink and drink and drink, and okay maybe that's a bit much, but with his salary, why not? It doesn't go un-noticed that while Alan is practically smearing himself over three women, Jeff is seated away from the madness. Ignoring the whole world...Pierce mutters something about being streets behind, but moves on to join Alan instead. Eventually the night ends and they head to an equally lavish apartment. Which is just as empty as his real one, minus a few trinkets and photos. There's an eerie silence he can't explain, as his other self wanders the halls enters a bedroom. Pierce sprawls out on a couch and Jeff joins him.

"You're doing a terrible job, as far as guardian angel goes."

Pierce ignores him, playing with a technologically too advanced object (read: the tv remote) to bother answering right away, before giving up and turning to face him.

"You're suppose to look into his papers right now, and learn something by the way."

Jeff rolls his eyes, "Sorry my copy of the script got lost in the mail. Just fucking tell me, what's so wrong about this versions life?"

"Besides the clearly gay part?"

"Besides that, Pierce. I mean, he's got a nice place, nice car and a job that pays in something other than coupons. He's even still got friends. Sort of."

Pierce focuses his attention back on to the remote, just as the other Jeff comes out. His thinness, which was hidden earlier by the suit, is shown by how the shirt hangs off him. Jeff watches as he pours himself another glass. And then another.

"You've got liver cancer."

"What?" -and Jeff has a hard time not screaming the shock at the older man, because what the fuck?

"You think you drink now? Other you triples that easily," Pierce points over their shoulder where other Jeff finishes another glass. "That's what makes this version worse, Jeffery. You're dying and slowly at that, and this you doesn't even care."

The words are cold, harsh and honestly, he doesn't want to hear them. He wants to wake up, wants to forget what he's just heard but can't because Pierce doesn't stop talking.

"You got the news two weeks ago and haven't stopped drinking since. Because right now, you're thinking, why not? Because there's no one to stop you, and no one to even notice you're sick."

Rage forms in his gut, a hot little ball of anger that wants to lash out, because that's such a pathetic line of thinking. That's so fucking cliche and lame response to life, to his life that he wants to yell. Wants to flip a fucking table, and round on himself. Wants to knock that glass out of his hands and remind him, that there are things to live for. There's-...but there isn't. Not in this reality, and his rage grows cold.

"I don't want to see this any more." Is all he says, standing. Aiming for the door. Pierce follows, but the moment he swings open the door, he's standing in a small restaurant. There behind the counter is a sad, grey-haired Gobi Nadir, and next to him, counting money is Abed.

Two seconds later, Troy Barnes walks in with a group of people. They don't recognize each other, of course because in this time line. Abed and Troy never met, never became best friends and it shouldn't be as painful to know as it is to watch. The way Abed's eyes never stray away from his register, or the way Troy acts like the asshole he was and starts making a game out of the napkins, rolling them up and tempting his friends to play against him. Missing more times than he makes and not cleaning up. They leave just as quickly as they came and that's it. That's the whole scene and it leaves Jeff feeling empty.

"So, weirdo gets weirder." Pierce comments, as he takes a bite of the falafel he pilfered from somewhere, "and his dad eventually gives up and stops trying and when Abed gets arrested again for making a scene about some dumb movie or whatever, his dad lets him. And then he gets carted off into the loony bin."

Jeff tries not to show he cares, slumps down in chair and crosses his arms, but there's a tick in his jaw that's a tell sign that he's not pleased.
"Hey, at least he gets the drugs. The good kind." Pierce takes another bite.

"And Troy?"

The crumbs of the fried dish get wipes across his mouth as the older man answers, "Nothing much. He gets hired as a janitor. Makes a living. Marries a girl. He's happy for a while, but mostly he goes on about his football career that never was. I can show you future troy if you want, but I figured this made the bigger impression."Another bite, "-and plus food."

Jeff rolls his eyes, "So is that what you do? Show me the study group one by one, who don't know the others? So what. Yeah it's sad, but that's not my fault okay, there was like a one in a thousand chance that was going to happen with or without me. And they can't be all miserable, I refuse to believe that."

Pierce shrugs, "Shirley's happy. She got remarried to some guy she met in business class. Britta dropped out and traveled the world."

"See. Happy."

"Shirley's husband is Chang and Britta will end up in a South Korean prison. Like that chubby British chick minus a hot lawyer type to bail her out."

"OKAY. That's it. Fuck you, and fuck your wings. I'm out and I want to speak to who ever allowed you past the pearly gate because obviously, they aren't doing their job. You aren't going to guilt me into staying. The real people in my life do that enough already, thanks. Plus showing what could have happened didn't so, yeah whatever, I'm glad I went. Big fucking whoop because guess what? I want to fucking leave now, it's been five years! Five years of constantly losing everything that I am, getting no where and still waking up at Greendale. I know that for a crazy old man with lots of money, that sounds great, but I'm not you. Pierce. Or at least I don't want to be. I don't want to be you and I don't want to die like you! Bitter and alone..." The steam he used to fuel his rant fades quickly, leaving him standing awkwardly before the spirit. Hands clenched and ready for a fight that isn't coming. Pierce just smiles, and wow, is it possible to punch a dead man's spirit?

"Take it from the bitter old man, Jeff, but leaving won't fix your problems."

Jeff sits back down, "Staying isn't exactly working out much better."

"Idiot. Why do you think I showed you this? Staying did work out, for everyone. Some people...are just meant to be together. And I don't mean that in a gay way Winger, I meant you need this group just as much as they need you."

Guilt seeps into heart, and he shuts his eyes. "I know that. I do. I'm...not saying that I don't want them in my life, but I need...something more. Greendale can't be the only thing in my life, it just can't."

"So you don't become like me?" Pierce offers, and Jeff shrugs.

"Sorry, but yeah. No offense."

"None taken, but let me say this, I would have killed to have a family like the one you have at my age. Hell, I wouldn't be who I am if I did. You've got support, trust and love, Jeffery. Yes, it's at Greendale, but it's better than not at all right? Don't mess that up just because you're thinking that you haven't done anything or you want more. You walk into Greendale knowing that you'll get to share an adventure with the people you care about, every day, you'll make a difference. What more do you want."

"A nicer car would be one."

"That's a streets behind answer, Winger and you know it."

"For a moment there, you sounded really wise. And then you said that and I'm right back to wishing I was waking up again."

"Lemme ask you this then, is it really a case of what you want...or who you want."

"I'm not gay, Pierce, stop trying to make me admit it."

Pierce put his hands up in mock defense, "No one said anything about you being gay Winger, defensive much?"

"Um? How about you have since like forever, and again, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You haven't asked about Annie. And I know you think about her." Pierce points out and there's a smirk threatening to grow wider that pisses Jeff off in a way that he can't explain. Maybe it's just that whenever Pierce smiles it means Jeff himself is unhappy or that fucking twinkle in his eyes. Ugh. It's like a god damn Christmas special up in here.

"Why would I ask, when you're clearly gearing up to show me?"

"Who said I am? I like Annie, remember. She's my favorite. Why would I show that?" There's a catch in his voice, a darkness that ties Jeff's heart in a vice.

"What happens?" He suddenly has to know, maybe he doesn't want to see, but he has to know. "What happens to Annie if I don't make the study group."

Pierce picks up a napkin and cleans his hands, refusing to look up. Much like Abed does when he doesn't want to talk, or admit something.
"She relapses. She gets stressed out and lonely, and she relapses." He bunches up the paper napkin and then flattens out the crinkles as he talks, "She told me the percentage once. I forgot what it is, but it was around half. Maybe more. I asked her what made her different. Why she never seemed scared she was going that again. Why she never went to a meeting. She told me because of you. Because the study group gave her more than any meeting could."

The vice around his heart tightens and he struggles to swallow down the lump in his throat. He never gave it much thought, that out of all of them, Annie is the most delicate. Yes she can be easily frazzled at times, and innocent, but she's always capable. She's the most responsible, the most caring. She organizes everything and anything, is always talking and thinking and planning for the future.

"In a time that you don't make a study group, Annie Edison relapses four times. Eventually the fourth time being the last. I don't want to show you that, because I don't want to see it."

"I don't want to see it either." Jeff admits. Heart still running the show, each beat hurts. He doesn't want to think of a world where Annie isn't....being Annie. He runs a hand through his hair, and looks at Pierce, "I'm sorry. About earlier. About...everything."

Pierce waves him off, " me a favor and don't leave them. Not just yet."

Don't leave her. -is a promise that isn't said, but is clear enough. It doesn't matter that he doesn't feel like he's good enough, or young enough. It doesn't matter that the Annie he knows is nothing like the one he first meet, but it's a promise he makes regardless.

"I won't." He promises and in that second, Pierces halo glows a little brighter and he arches forward to revel, two tiny feather wings.

"Oh hell yeah. Check them out Winger!"

Jeff smiles but in a tired sort of way, "Glad I could be of service. Can I go back to sleep now?"

Pierce checks his wings once more, gives them a flutter and then looks around. "Yeah, but...strictly speaking I'm not suppose to show you this unless it's a dire situation. I assumed you would be harder to convince, honestly. You can be a real dick head."


"Do you wanna see the future or not?" And he gestures to the window. "Only going to offer it once, buddy."

Jeff glaces out the window, expecting Pierce to be messing with him; but instead is given a very shocking view of himself, arm around Annie in a casual manner, laughing. Behind them, a Christmas tree, their friends and oh-he kisses her and when they finish she beams up at him and then the image is gone.

"Good luck, Winger." Pierce throws a sugar packet at his head and Jeff blinks.

He opens his eyes and he's back in his bed, tangled in his sheets, a sugar packet in his lap.

The next morning he wakes up for something more than just Greendale, he wakes up for her, and it feels like his life is just starting...

Fic: Follow The Thread Back Home

Title: Follow The Thread Back Home

Ratings: PG-13 (for now)

Word Count: 1,666

Disclaimer: I don't own Community or Labyrinth.

Summary: Jeff is kidnapped to a strange world, and as he tries to find his way back, who else will he find?


Jeff Winger wakes up, and wonders if he is dreaming.

He stands up, blinks out his eyes, rubs them and looks out at the twinkling city below him. He takes a deep intake of the heavy, sweet air, so different and yet refreshing. He takes a moment to take in beauty of the world before him. The sprawling stone city, the rich colorful forest and golden sand dunes in the horizon.

Then he turns around, glares down at the little bastard Muppet-rejects that kidnapped him, and gives them his best lawyer-fake confident everything-is-okay-with-me-smile.

"Okay then, which one of you is going to tell me where I am?"

They all chorus back cheerfully, "Home! Underground!"


Their emotional whiplash is visible, cartoon-ish faces are all pouty and confused. It makes him both want to slap them silly and grab at it like a child

-but ew, he doesn't know what they are so he keeps his hands safely in his pocket.

"Wrong?" They mumble, around fangs, fur and scales.

"Wrong. I'm not home. Home is my four-story apartment, with working plumbing, on Earth, in America. Where freedom, bald fucking eagles and cheeseburgers are born, raised and eaten with a side of order of justice." He leans over one, bright blue and fuzzy with a little metal helmet. He smiles at it, it smiles at him and then he promptly shoves the helmet down so it binds the little creature in a frenzy of blind confusion. Pay back, he muses. The other little monsters explode in similar motions and chickens fly across the room in rage and start clucking loudly.

"YOU SEND ME BACK NOW." He demands, randomly, in his rage picking up the creatures and throwing them. It all comes to a violent conclusion when finally, a chicken is flung across the room and knocks him over, causing him to knock his head against the stone steps leading to throne they keep forcing him to sit in.


  Jeff recovers. He shoves away the caring hands of the little goblins around him, and forces his way out of the castle. He punches, kicks and basically swears his way out of it, eventually they realize he's not in a good mood and give up. (Not really, they just got smart enough to track him from a distance) He wanders the new world, watches as one sun sets and then the other. He thinks hard on what to do, and fumbles to cling to anything useful. His mind can't do anything with only the handful of pieces of the puzzle he's been given. He needs a full deck of cards before he can start cheating.

"Its a pity."

Jeff turns, and is instantly repulsed by the short, weirdly portioned person(?) in front of him. It's not a goblin, it's features are more human than anything, but not right. Too short, head too large. He tries to remove all traces of his confusion on his face.

"What is?" He muses, confidently.

"You look too much like him. The Goblin King." It all but spits out.

Jeff frowns, he doesn't have a response to that. He spent his whole life trying not to have anything to do with the man who gave him half of his genetics, got away with it for the most part. Then he's suddenly kidnapped in the night and awake in a world that won't let him forget.

For a moment Jeff wonders if he died in his sleep and woke up in hell. He hasn't got a lot of proof that it's not, except for the fact they haven't actually physically tortured him yet.

"-I always hoped...I always hoped you'd look more like her." The little thing mutters sadly, under his breath. There's regret in his eyes, and he seems to sag under the weight of the world. Jeff would probably feel a little pity for it, if he wasn't on the verge of a mental breakdown. As it is, he catches the hint of unknown truth.

"What did you say?" He advances, grabs the thing's arm, "What do you know? Tell me."

"Lemme go! Let Hoggle go!"

"I heard you, don't think I didn't. You knew her, my mother, didn't you? Tell me what you know Higgle." He feels something dark and cold start to grow, as he crowds the creature. Using his height and keeping his grip as tight as possible, he ignores it's struggles.

"It's Hoggle!"

"Whatever, Hogwarts."

The little bastard bites his wrist and Jeff flings Hoggle into the air.



"FINE. HOGGLE." Jeff yells back, childishly holding his wrist. The bite really isn't that deep, and in moments the redness fades. He rubs at it, not liking the lightness of it. He worries that the longer he stays in the Underground the higher chance that the weird glitter dew/magic/whatever will stick to him. He is a thirty-something year old man, he is literally too old for this Twilight bullshit.

"I helped your mother escaped." Hoggle finally admits, out of breath and sitting on the ground. Pouting with what seems like his whole body. "She was...she was Hoggles friend. She was very brave."

"I know." Jeff snaps, because he does. He doesn't need some weird creature telling him that. He slumps onto a near by tree stump and looks to Hoggle. "She's alive you know...back in my..." He struggles to place the word, it's not a different world. Not really. It's still earth, same time...just differently placed? "Back in the Above. She lives in California, married to some writer and...she's happy." He finishes, if a bit lamely. He doesn't know what else to say, but Hoggle gets a look in his eyes, and his shoulders look a little less weighed down. "She never told me about any of this." Jeff admits, because it's true and he's really at a loss here.

Hoggle sighs gently and then proceeds to tell him the tale.


The story goes like this.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. A snarky, slip of a girl, who collected glass unicorns and devoured English literature. This girl, his mother, also had a baby brother. His uncle (was his uncle. Now a goblin.) was annoying as hell. Pushed the girl into muttering words she shouldn't, and lo and be hold, she calls the Goblin King into the world.

(She wanted it, it happened, she got it and in the end that's what magic is. Force of will.)

Jareth, the Goblin King to be exact.

This bastard, this creep. Is a direct descendant of elves, of fairies and kings. He's powerful, immortal and a total asshole with a thing for humans. His favorite past times include kicking his consorts around, tight pants and turning unwanted human beings into not so human things. Don't let the usual fairy-tale garbage cloud your judgment on the guy. Don't let the castle or magic fool you; this dude spent most of his time spying in on humans like a bad reality sitcom, waiting for some innocent person to break under pressure and make a mistake they didn't even know was possible. Equal to a divorce lawyer setting up shop in Las Vegas next to the little white chapel. Don't be fooled. He's not a good guy.

That doesn't stop his mother from falling head over heels in love with him. Can you blame her? He's all mystery, magic and leather. It's the 80's and really, the fact that he asks her to be his Queen just like her favorite David Bowie song is probably enough for her to forget herself.

(-and make no mistake, she does in fact lose herself.)

It goes all down hill from there, because the two idiots fall in love. His mother, seventeen and half decides that living Underground with a fairy-prince who may or may not have kidnapped her baby brother is the best life decision ever.

Only reality comes crashing in. Those rose colored glasses she was wearing crack, and she's scared. Fucking terrified. Who wouldn't be? Suddenly spending all day in a castle with amusing, but utterly incompetent goblins while her husband goes out and rules a kingdom doesn't sound ideal. It sounds even worse when you add an unexpected pregnancy.

She's in a world she knows nothing about, alone and pregnant. She wants things she can no longer have. Her mother, her father, a fucking chicken nugget meal with sweet and sauce; let alone hospital, doctors or medication.

She realizes that she didn't know him, didn't know what she wanted or that love between them is off. How can it not? He's over six hundred years old fae-royalty, his love is all obedience and formality. Her's is their names bedazzled on matching acid-washed jackets and Madonna songs.

Reality shatters her dream world, but she's still stuck in it.

To make a long story short, she escapes, runs backwards through the Labyrinth and falls back out on the other side. Just in time to give birth to her child, Jeffrey Tobias Winger. After her brother, the one she lost and never got back.


"-but the important thing is to remember...he did love her." Hoggle finishes. Jeff rolls his eyes.

"I don't care about that."

"It's important," Hoggle pushes, "-it's what made the Underground crumble. When she left...she broke him. The forest grew out of control, the creatures turned dark and fear took over. Jareth...he punished those who helped her."

"Did you not hear me?" Jeff reaches out and tugs at one of Hoggle's disgusting ear flaps. "-I don't give two flying fucks about this world or him. This world? You? Not my problem."

"You can't ignore your position of power!"

Jeff scoffs, "I have been ignoring the fact that I even have a father for my entire life. I ignored the basic law system and everything it stands for, I ignore things like how other people actually try to care about them; I am more capable then you know, to completely and utterly forget and ignore this place and it's problems."

"You can't always run from your problems, Jeffrey."

Jeff tries not to think of home, of the group, of Annie.

"Watch me, Hogwarts."

To Be Continued ......

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Fic: Third Times the Charm

Title: Third Times the Charm
Disclaimer: I do not own Lost Girl.
Word Count: 1,655
Rating: PG
Summary: Two times Kenzi tried to get back Dyson's love and one time she did.
Parings: Kenzi/Dyson, Lauren/Bo
Spoilers: I suppose if you didn't watch the ending of Season 2, but if you haven't what are you doing with your life?


It's weird how quickly and deep you get to know someone when you've been inside someone.

-and she wasn't even talking about sex. Sex had nothing on switching bodies through mystical fae means. Like, Christ, she wishes they would invent mind-condoms to protect shit like that ever happening again. (Seriously, Science, get on that). Kenzi hated the idea of someone, anyone, even Bo fumbling her way through her thoughts.

Except with Dyson.

Maybe because she was right there, in him and knew he feared the same damn thing. They had a lot more to hide, more skeletons to bury then the rest. (Excluding Trick, 'cus that dude is less like a Hobbit and more like god damn Gandalf, when it came to secret plans.) Yeah, Hale has shit with his parents, and yeah, Bo killed enough to probably be on the FBI hit list (or hit on.) -but the difference is the others, they might not talk about it, but it's there. Written in their eyes, their actions tell the story even if they don't. Lauren's constant need to help the sick, Hale's urge to slum it, Bo's vendetta to right the wrongs of everyone she meets. Kenzi and Dyson, don't. Hell, it goes against his job ethics and personal ones doing half the things he does for them, and Kenzi, she's fucking human. The dirty looks she gets half the time just for walking into a joint would be enough of a reason to stay the fuck away.

-but the pair of them, the one thing they have in common. Is that they are loyal as the fuck. In different ways; He uses his wealth of resources and knowledge as well as fae-strength, she uses her mind to think outside the box, figure out the loop-holes and doesn't care how dirty her hands get.

Loyalty all the same.

Kenzi will be there even if its going to kill her.

Dyson will be there even if it means selling his love.

A fate a lot worse than death.

A fate that's also a bunch of bullshit.


The moment she finds out what the Norn did, what Dyson ultimately sold, she decides that in the grand scheme of things, she doesn't give a fuck what she has to do, but she's going to undo this. -because it's just not right, it shouldn't even be possible.

"Like, seriously dude, what the fuck is that hippy going to do with it? What do you do with someone's love? Does she make a potion with it? Does she send it through the grinder, add water and paint all the colors of the wind with it?" Kenzi spazzes out, furious and drunk, not a good combo; but Dyson smiles gently, its nice to finally have someone to talk to about this. It doesn't make it stop hurting, but it does strangely set him as ease.


Kenzi shrugs, "I was going for a whole nature-themed rant off."

Dyson nods sagely as if he understands (he doesn't) and sips at his drink.

" I'm not sure to be honest, it might just a power thing. The more she has, the more power."

"That's stupid."

Dyson can't disagree.

"I'm getting it back you know." She suddenly declares, out loud.

"Kenzi..." His voice is soft, the tone that is usually followed by an explanation of why she can't do something. She hates that tone.

"No. Listen to me, this is AMERICA...or Canada, whatever, we're just as free dude! Taking someone's love is just wrong, I don't care who you are. It's not something you can just sell, and it's not something you can take, damn it. So screw the forest bitch and her tree, I'm getting it back!"

Dyson is about to set a hand on her shoulder, steady her in her drunken rage to forget about it, that there's nothing they can do; but Kenzi dashes away, quick on her steel-tipped boots and leaves the Dal.


Her first try, is more amusing than anything.

"Repeat after me, I am a strong, independent woman who can love who she wants." She reads out loud, ass pressed into his steel counter because she refuses to use a chair. He stirs his food, rolls his eyes and stays quiet. She kicks him. "Dude, come'on. I checked out like, half of the fucking library for you. Maybe this whole lost-love stuff is just mental mojo."

It's not. He knows too well, it's really not.

"-or maybe you know, she just broke your love machine parts and you just need to hit the restart button."

"Kenzi, even if that is true, why do you think reading from all the clearly geared to females self-help books would work?"

"Well, as it is, there's not a huge market for guys who magical lost the ability to get a love-erection."

"You must have been a poet in another life time Kenz." He jokes, she laughs and steals a piece of steak.

"Do you think watching How Stella Got Her Groove Back would help?"


"Noooooo because it wouldn't work, or no because you've already seen it?" She pesters, in both amusement and general curiosity. He gently flicks the edge of her nose. "Ow!"

"Off the counter, foods done."

"I'll take that as you've already seen it."


Her second try comes in a flurry of random dates that she sets up, he doesn't know how he keeps falling for it, but he does. It's always the same ruse, she calls him and Bo, gives them an address and tells them some sort of fae is attacking, or causing trouble and they show up, and then quickly find out it's actually a restaurant or in one case a hotel. Bo laughs it off, but Dyson is starting to get frustrated. He understands that she's concerned, that she's trying hard; but it's trying for naught. And he's starting to worry what Bo will think, and eventually learn the truth.

It's a risk he can't afford to take.

"I'm going to have to talk to her, this needs to stop." He all but growls, storming away from the second resturant (this day) reservation. Bo trails after him, at a slower pace and with a smile.

"Dyson, let it go. It's not a big deal. I mean, we both moved on right? She's just being Kenzi and not letting it go."

Dyson bites back the answer to why she can't let it go, why after weeks of cursing his name literally and shoving Bo into the arms of anyone who looks at her, is suddenly on a crusade in his honor.

"Plus, you should be proud. She only goes to lengths like this for people she really loves." Bo's grin gets even bigger, "Welcome to the World of Kenzi, prepared to smothered in affection and cheesy pizza."

Dyson stills, he can feel the void of emotion he can always feel when around Bo (he know he loved her, knows he should, but can't.) -but there's a warmth sinking into that space.

It's not love, (it can't be, he can't love,it hurts to think about it because it all just leads back to Bo, doesn't it?) but it helps him sleep a bit easier that night.


In Kenzi's life time, she's had to ask favors. Weird favors, usually, but this one takes the cake.

"You want to borrow what?" Donny asks, her favorite pot-head/gardener cousin. His voice muffled under the haze of smoke and Jimi Hendrix playing from his computer.

"Your chainsaw."

"Uh, why?" He might be high, but he's not stupid. "Are you in trouble again?"

"No. It's for a friend."

"A friend? A...friend needs my chainsaw. Why?"

"Stop asking questions and tell me where you keep it, Smoky the Bear."

"I am not giving you a dangerous weapon, Kenz. Not without you telling me why. I don't want the cops finding it as evidence and arresting my ass for it."

Kenzi rolls her eyes, stomps her foot and looks to the heavens above for guidance. Then crosses her arms and glares. "A friend, a good one, has been...kinda told he can't love this chick. By some old bitch dealer, who holding...his favorite stash over his head. As long as they don't date, she sells."

Donny blinks, trying to understand and frowns, "That's way harsh dude, what kind of dealer does that?"

"I don't know, but it's premo stuff, and he's a cop too so you know, she's got that too over him. I just...wanna put the fear of god into her, you know?" Kenzi makes the motions of a chain-saw, "Teach the bitch a lesson, old-school gangster style."

Donny edges his lighter sideways, inhales slow and steady before asking, "Why doesn't he do something, himself? Like, he's a cop, right?" He blows a few rings, "-speaking of which, since when do you hang out with cops?"

"Since like, ever, dude."

"-as like friends, dude." He snarks back, twisting her words. She flicks him off.

"We're friends through the girl he wants to date. We just so happen to like...become friends. He doesn't do anything....because well, he's bound by all these laws and bullshit, right?"

"Heh, well our family does have a habit of living outside the law." He sets the lighter down, "Alright, fine. It's in the shed, on the left. It's filled, all you gotta do is gear it."


"-and hey, Kenzi...whoever this dude is, he's lucky to have you, you know that right?" Donny states, Kenzi feels like he's saying more in that look in his eye, but she ignores it and smiles.

"Damn right, now I've got a Tree-Hugger to fuck with it, later dude!"

______ The End _________

** So yeah, I ended it there, because well, we all knows what follows? (The most awesome human given speech ever, that's what) -I really wrote this just to get back into the feel of Kenzi and Dyson, I'm still trying to get chapters of Heat finished, but admittedly I've found it difficult to return to.
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Not dead yet.

I promise to get my shit together tonight, and start writing again. My life is without direction, and that's always been a bad sign lol, I've fallen down the slipper slope of adult hood by settling down and it turns out I was right, I suck at it. I have an apartment, a job, bills paid monthly and I have never felt more stuck and horrible in my life. It's boring as fuck. I still go out, but I need more. More exciment, more people more experiences. I only ever thrive in utter chaos. I'm like the song by Garbage, "I'm only happy when it rains." -and it's sun as hell and it's kinda of killing me slowly. Only the inside. My creativity is drying up like someone set it on fire.

I do plan to, however, fight it. So, expect some stuff, even if it's not good. I apologize, I'm trying to get back to the flow before it's gone.
So yeah. I'M BACK.

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Pics of me

So, I finally decided to share some photos of myself, so I'm no longer a faceless entity, and two, because I just dyed my hair and feel the ego-centric need to show it off absolutely everywhere. So enjoy peeps!


Birthday Plans

- Drown myself in rasberry sorbet and vodka

-Watch Iron Man 1

-Drink more vodka

+ Note to self: Do Lemondrops, they are tasty

-Have a nice drunken sob about recent life-fails

-Watch Iron Man 2

-Or Avengers

-More drinking

…and then depending, fall asleep.

Yup. Fuck it. My birthday’s always suck balls, I’m always in the middle of no where without friends. I haven’t the urge to even try and pretend to have a good one. So yeah, I’m going to drink so hard my ancestor’s livers will feel it.

I want to drink so hard that I don't remember the year, president or how to do math.


Heat (3/?)

Title: Heat
Author: Avaritia_90
Spoilers: Food For Thought
Rating: PG-13 (rating will go up)
Word Count: 2,359
Disclaimer: I do not own Lost Girl.
Summary: Dyson/Kenzi. Dyson makes a promise, and keeps it.

[One] [Two]

Kenzi sleeps for a little more than two hours, and then wakes up in a daze. She remembers her night, the sickness and Dyson and yawns. Just thinking about it all makes her tired again. The clock next to Dyson tells her it's the in between hours of the morning, where infomercials are still playing in a loop and it's hours off until cartoons start playing.

She untangles herself from the sheets and bedding and tip toes over to where Dyson is sleeping on his couch. It's not a big couch, but it fits his frame better than expected. He's in deep sleep, the blanket he was using slipped from him and onto the floor, giving her a rare chance to ogle him without a shirt.

Hey, he's hot, what do you except? Kenzi never signed up to be a nun for a reason.

Dyson is a little more than hot, that she always knew. She had even seen him without clothes more than once (yay wolf transformations!)but this was different. For one, it was her own private show, and two his room had decent lighting.

Her eyes traced the hard lines of his body, his abs and chest -and holy hell, what the fuck was Bo thinking? Lauren was pretty, and even Kenzi could tell her body was good too -but hellllllo, does Lauren have a rockin' six pack and guns like that? Hella no.

Kenzi stares awhile longer, just because she wants to, and it's been longer than she would like to admit since she had herself anything or anyone of her own to ogle at. Being friends with a succubus had it's perks and it's downsides, the biggest being your chances of getting tail was seriously lowered.

Finally she tears her gaze away to wander his place. Her new playground until Doctor L gave her the all clear that is.

Dyson's home is exactly what she expected and not all at the same time. It's a guy's place, that is obvious by the lack of actual design or decoration. It's organized, clean and comfortable, but that's it. It's an open loft space, so everything is just spread out. He actually has a decent amount of square footage, it's just not used. There's a small kitchen, and eating space. The bedroom, bathroom and then the couch and tv but that's it. There's a work out machine in the center of the room, a punching bag in the corner of the kitchen and a motorcycle that's covered in the far corner of the loft. Everything is mixed with everything else.

There are also some boxes near the back, and as much as she wants to snoop, she knows better than to do least while Dyson is home anyways.

She takes a peak into the bathroom and is disappointed by the lack of bathtub. Even though it does explain Dyson's constant usage of their claw-footed bath back home.


The word isn't unfamiliar to Kenzi, but it is strange for it to the same place for more than three months. She's always been a traveler, a wander and on occasion, a hobo of sorts. Home is where she makes it. Home is good friends, or a decent meal. Now, with Bo, it's all those things at once. All the time.

Kenzi wipes at the small amount of tears that form, and is happy to see they are no longer tinted with blood. She crawls back into Dyson's bed and sits atop of all the bedding.

She misses her bed. Her fuzzy pillows, Froggy Pillow and her special cup (she had stolen it from Dennys). She missed the sound of Bo wandering the house or the occasional groan of the house.

She missed home.

She was homesick.

The tears flood now, down her cheeks and drip to the blanket she's holding. She doesn't know why she's acting like this, oh why the sudden realization has thrown her for such a loop; but it has, she's never felt this way before. The first home she ever left behind, the one in Russia, was barely a memory. She had been too young, verging on three, and can't really recall much. Most of her memories are of her father and mother, playing in snow. There are flashes of faces and laughter, someone singing and then nothing. She knows in the end this is because she blocked it. That's how humans cope with tragedy and pain, they block it out and move on. That's what she did, and together her and her mother escaped to States, and then again to Canada.

The home of her mother and step-father wasn't anything she even considered a home. It was his home. They were just lucky enough that he wanted to share it. Kenzi only remembers how much she hated it. Living in fear, constantly feeling the need to hide, to stay out of the way and be quiet. It wasn't a prison, it was worse. At least in prison you could move without being yelled at. At least if you said something wrong, it was you who took the punishment, not your cellmate. Kenzi only remembers the fear of that place, and how when she finally ran away the guilt that nearly killed her inside that she left her mother behind. She did, for all the misery she caused in Kenzi's life, still love her mother. Kenzi had just accepted that her mother had picked her step-father, and Kenzi wasn't going to make her choose sides. She wasn't some pre-teen looking for fight, she was an adult, looking for freedom. So she took it, and she's happy she did, because in the end it lead her to her real home.

Yes, the walls were barely there, and it was an ex-crack shack, but it was home. It was a collection of Bo and Kenzi. It was freedom and happiness, where she could play video games at any volume she liked, and where Bo practiced throwing weapons and even the occasional pizza party.

It was the home she desperately wanted to go back to.

“Kenzi?” Dyson's rough morning voice startles her. He's standing in front of the bed.

“Oh my god. You just gave me a heart attack.” She wipes away the remaining tears and acts like he didn't just catch her crying. Best defense was to deny, deny and deny baby.

“Sorry. Are you okay?” She smiles and nods, but he doesn't buy what she's selling, “I just saw you crying, Kenz, tell me, are you okay? Are you in pain?”

She pouts and falls backwards on to his bed melodramatically. “Don't judge me dude. I was just having a moment.”

He can't help but smile at her antics. It's way too early for his usual gruffness. He pads over to the bed and sits next to her.

Watching as she lifts and arm to cover her eyes, and hides his disappointment. Her eyes are beautiful, and even more so when they are covered in tears that aren't blood.

“A moment?” He repeats.

“I felt homesick, your bed is nice and all, but I like my bed more. It has more fuzzy pillows.”

Dyson's eyebrows hit his hair line, “I'm sorry?”

“Seriously. Is that just a guy thing? Two pillows and that's it? Don't you know numerous pillows of all shapes and sizes give a room a more lavish feel?”

“Kenzi.” He tries to use his best serious voice, but it sort of fails, “You are not weeping because of my lack of useless throw pillows.”

“They are useful, decorative pillow-”


“Ugh. Fine. I told you. I'm homesick. I miss Bo and my bed, and my stuff...and it got me thinking of the last actual home I left and that made me think about other stuff I'd rather NOT talk about and so yes, I got a bit weepy. Happy?”

“I'm practically glowing.”

She removes her arm, stares at him and laughs.


“Could be worse, I could be you, and then where would I be?”

“You would be totally awesome, duh.”

“I think a zoo would be most likely.”

She giggles and pokes him in the side, “This is coming from wolf-boy.”

Dyson stands up and wanders off into the kitchen, where he starts up his coffee maker (one of the few appliances out, other than the microwave and toaster.) and picks up the bags of Kenzi's things that Bo dropped off.

“Bo dropped off some of your things before she left. Maybe they can help chase off that feeling of homesickness.”

Kenzi happily takes the bags and starts rummaging, by the time Dyson has had his first cup of coffee she has already taken everything out. She now sports stripped pj bottoms, a purple and black sweatshirt and bright fuzzy maroon slippers. The counter is filled with her snacks, and judging from it, he's going to have to go shopping if she's going to eat anything actually healthy besides the canned soup Bo bought.

One look at his bed shows she's taken over that too. He are clothes literally flung in all directions, including lace things that he really, really wished weren't. There's also a new additions to his sorely lacking pillow collection. One is a huge pink monster of a pillow that's fuzzy and a another that's small, green and in the shape of smiling frog. Her laptop is charging by the outlet near the tv, where Kenzi is throned, on the couch with her blanket, already starting up her game console.

“You move in fast.”

“Like a cockroach, dude. Wanna play?”

“What's the game?”

“Killer Robot-Hooker.”

“...I think I'll pass.” He smiles into his coffee and lowers himself to sit next to her. He watches silently, if not a bit curiously as she plays. She wander the virtual city with ease, shooting down the robot women of the night with, what he assumed, practiced ease.

“So what's the plan, D-man.” She asks, her eyes glued to the tv screen.

“Well, I'm calling in some vacation days, then while I go to the store and pick up a few things, you are going to stay here and get some actual rest.”

“Boo. I wanna come with!”

“Kenzi, it's grocery shopping, not the local arcade.”

She pauses her game, “Dude, there's a local arcade?”

“The answer remains no.”

“Fine, but the moment you leave, I'm going through your stuff. All of it. Including any and all porn that I might find.”

“I don't have-”

“It's not nice to lie.”

Dyson pours himself a second cup and drinks it down, obviously he's going to need more than the usual amount.


The pair of them eventually shower, dress and into his car at a reasonably time. Kenzi is covered head to toe, and layered up against any and all chances of random illnesses. That still doesn't stop Kenzi from slipping on skin-tight jeans and pair of six inch booted heels.

“Don't judge me dude, sick or not, I wanna be stylin'”

“Just get in. And buckle up.”

“Aye, Aye Captain!”

He decides to stop by the station first, inform Hale and his boss he's taking off a few days, a little less than a week at most. He has to sign a few things, and to his surprise Kenzi is actually hesitant to follow him into the station.

“Sorry, you know what they say, once a thief always a thief. I get sorta weirded out by all the cops.”

He smiles and gently pulls her inside, “You'll be fine. You're with me.”

-and he means that in more ways than she fully understands. She's probably already forgotten the promise she made him make to stay by her side, or brushed it off, but his loyalty is far deeper than that, and the magic bounded to it even more so. Part of him knows that its absurd to give such a thing to a human, but he knows that he did not make a mistake in doing so.

Hale is no where to be seen, and most of the cops present are barely awake enough to even notice them. He gathers the papers for his leave and starts filling them out as Kenzi perches herself on the edge of his desk and peers over his shoulder.

“I knnnnow your social sercuirty number noooow.” She sing-songs at him.

“You know one of them.”

“Ooo you have more than one? How underground. I like it.”

“Whose the girl?” A co-worker asks, Phil. “Does she need to be questioned?”

“Wow, Hi. Do I look like a criminal, dude?” Kenzi snaps, obviously looking to pick a fight.

“I dunno, you don't exactly look old enough for actual jail, shouldn't you be in the custody of your parents or juvi right now?”

“Phil. This is my friend, Kenzi. I'm just filing out some paper work for leave.” Dyson explains as even toned as possible. He doesn't want to offend either, but both are known to have slight tempers so he knows there's little he can do.

“You make a habit of making friends with teenagers?” Phil jokes, its an obvious ploy to both offend Dyson and Kenzi all in one go.

“First off, Doctor Phil-lameo, I'm over the legal drinking age so shut it. Second, -”She never gets to finish what was probably going to be a threat, because Dyson clamps his hand over her mouth and tugs her off his desk. She struggles and makes vain attempts to slither out from his hold, but in the end conceds that maybe threatening a police officer in the middle of his place of work was probably not the brightest idea she's ever had.

“Lay off Phil or else.” Dyson growls, “My paper work is on my desk, if you need me, call Hale.”

He then all but lifts Kenzi up and out of the station without another word to anyone.

....To Be Continued....
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